4 things you can do if you stain your clothes on accident

It has happened to all of us. We are at a restaurant or getting food somewhere, sometimes by ourselves and other times with company. We sit, start getting into our dish, and then… Splat! A chunky drop of sauce of the most contrasting color possible falls on your pristine shirt, condemning you to the shame of wearing stained clothes for the rest of the day and letting everyone know you are a messy eater. If you felt all too identified with that description, then perhaps you should look into some damage control measures in the event that it happens to you again. Here are 5 tips to combat stains when you spill food on yourself by accident.

Keep a change of clothes or a third piece of clothing

A trick as old as time is to simply cover it up! It might sound simple, but it does require some commitment and planning ahead. Your work or daily outfit might not include a third piece like a jacket or an overcoat, but you have to keep one on you at all times in case you do happen to spill some food on yourself. It’s not that complicated if you live somewhere where it gets chilly at night. Alternatively, keeping a clean shirt and a pair of pants on you at all times is a bolder choice, yet just as valid and effective.

Get a portable washing machine

What do you usually do when you get your clothes dirty? You wash them at the laundromat or at home if you own a washing machine. However, your office or workplace most likely doesn’t have a laundry room or anything of the sort. Although it requires some logistics worked out in common with your peers, you can get a portable washing machine for the office. Simply use a portable machine whenever you have this issue if it’s recurrent enough and voila!

Use a stain remover pen

Nowadays, a lot of detergent brands that take pride in being the best at removing stains from dirty clothes also sell stain remover pens. You will need a stain remover like this if you have no other way to instantly deal with the problem. These quick on-the-go solutions are as easy to apply as they look like: after getting the substance that caused the stain off your clothes, apply the pen directly and press to release the stain remover. It is a liquid that already mixes some water with the active component that removes the stain. Works like a charm!

Have your household products close

Some stains on your clothes or furniture can be quickly cleaned and saved with the help of just a couple of household items. All of us have heard about it, and some of us even have tried it ourselves in a moment of need. Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, toothpaste, white vinegar, and more in different combinations can help you in a hurry to save your clothes before they get stained forever. The trick lies in knowing what works for what, and in keeping one of each of these products handy at your house and workplace.