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It has happened to all of us. We are at a restaurant or getting food somewhere, sometimes by ourselves and other times with company. We sit, start getting into our dish, and then… Splat! A chunky drop of sauce of the most contrasting color possible falls on your pristine shirt, condemning you to the shame […]

Trauma shears are considered standard equipment for many professionals: medical staff, law enforcement officers, soldiers, firefighters and other professionals working with injured people and often under extreme conditions. In these situations, every second counts. Hobbists may also need a pair of trauma shears in their arsenal: if you’re into hiking, rock climbing, hunting or any […]

Hamburg is the sixth largest city in the European Union and is the second largest city in Germany after Berlin. It covers an area of two hundred and ninety-one square miles and a population that exceeds one and a half million people. The name of the city is derived from its first permanent settlement built […]