Choose the right trauma shears for you

Trauma shears are considered standard equipment for many professionals: medical staff, law enforcement officers, soldiers, firefighters and other professionals working with injured people and often under extreme conditions. In these situations, every second counts.

Hobbists may also need a pair of trauma shears in their arsenal: if you’re into hiking, rock climbing, hunting or any type of extreme or survival sport, this may be the missing piece of your first aid kit.

Let’s have a look at what makes trauma shears different from other types of scissors and what to take into consideration when choosing the best trauma shears for your needs.


What makes trauma shears different from regular scissors?


The most notable difference is that trauma shears have blunt ends instead of sharp ones (like office or kitchen scissors do). The reason for this is their main task is to cut through fabric and other materials, often when having to rescue a person who is trapped, injured or unconscious. The shears have to be extremely strong and durable, but at the same time secure and not cause any damage to the person they are used on.


Before buying trauma shears


Here are some key points to consider before investing in your first pair of trauma shears:

Price range: price point is an obvious concern before any purchase. You can find trauma shears for under $10 all the way to $100 and over. It is always smart to invest in a pair that is made using high-quality materials or has features you benefit from. The best trauma shears are highly adapted to fit your working conditions and/or other equipment you’re using (for example, trauma shears with carabiner that can be attached to a belt for easy access).

Materials used: different materials are used for different reasons. Titanium shears are considered the most heavy-duty and can also be sterilized. If you have to cut through tape or other sticky materials, get a pair of fluoride-coated trauma shears.

Design: the basic shape of trauma shears is always the same – curved instead of straigth. The handles come in various bright or neutral colors, making them more visible or easy on the eye, depending on what you need.


Top 3 best trauma shears for every need and budget


If you’re still window shopping, look at these:


Ever Ready Bandage Shears: currently at $6.95, these are the most affordable trauma shears you can get. Value for money product ideal for light use.

EMT Trauma Shears with Carabiner: if you’re looking for a special feature, these shears valued at $9.95 come with a carabiner. Simple in design, versatile in use.

Leatherman Raptor Trauma Shears: these are arguably the best trauma shears out there. At $69.95 you would expect them to be. Ideal for heavy, everyday use and if you’re looking for a lifetime investment (these are the only shears on this list that come with a 25-year warranty and a no-questions-asked repair and replacement policy provided by the manufacturer).